International Student

Classes and Courses

There is no need for concern if you don’t understand Japanese well at the time of enrollment. We offer intensive Japanese classes to novice learners. Your progress of Japanese skills can be expected in a short period of time, if you study hard at OISKA. ( Most students pass “N2” in Japanese Language Proficiency Test. )

If you can improve your Japanese abilities enough, you take classes with Japanese students in Japanese. At first, it is difficult to keep up with the classes. But all students study hard with the help of classmates and graduate from our school.

OISCA High School is a high school of a general course. First-year students lay the foundation of their studies. From the second year onwards, the students are divided into three courses to achieve their individual goals: the International Culture Course, the Special Preparatory Course, and the Global Career Course. A lot of international students are enrolled in the International Culture Course and aim to enter universities in Japan and overseas. In the Special Preparatory Course, the students strive to enter national or difficult-to-enter private universities in Japan. Of course, international students can be enrolled in this course. The Global Career Course offers a wide range of options, including university entrance, vocational schools, and employment. Students will be able to challenge their own goals in the appropriate courses that match their goals.

Course chart

The exams consist of written tests of math and English and an oral test. School staff members visit your countries and hold examinations in fall every year.

To Apply for Entrance Examination

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