International Student

School Location and Educational Objectives

OISCA High School is located in Hamamatsu City, Japan. It is by Hamana-ko Lake with a wealth of nature. ( Hamamatsu City is between Tokyo and Nagoya. It takes 40 minutes to Nagoya and 90 minutes to Tokyo by Shinkansen. ) The closest airport is Chubu International Airport. It takes nearly 90 minutes to get to school by highway bus from the airport.

We offer a general course. Most students go on to universities after graduation. International students enter Japanese universities or go back to their home countries to aim for universities. As our students can make their dreams come true, we help them improve not only their academic abilities but also their “resourcefulness”. We think “resourcefulness” means the ability to live strong --- doing yourself whatever concerns you; solving the problems on your own without depending on others. We foster the students who can realize their dreams and live strong.

The total number of students is around 360 and our school is small. But taking advantage of it, we provide careful guidance to each student.

It has been 19 years since we started accepting international students. As of April 2019, the number of international students is about 50. They come from various countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. International students and some Japanese students study together at school and live together in the dormitory.

2018 International Students

The exams consist of written tests of math and English and an oral test. School staff members visit your countries and hold examinations in fall every year.

To Apply for Entrance Examination

Please contact the following e-mail address for further information.