International Student

Various Activities

OISCA High School has various school events. They include rice planting, harvesting, forest practice, school festival and sports festival. Some events are what you can experience only in OISCA High School. Students can create something new and enjoy the work by collaborating with each other. They can have memorable experiences with classmates. At the second year, the international students learn more about Japanese culture through school excursion in Hiroshima, Kyoto and Nara.

OISCA High School has 18 club activities. Students can choose one club they’re interested in. Sports clubs include soccer club, baseball club, track and field club, tennis club, badminton club, basketball club, and kendo club. The students in soccer and baseball clubs practice everyday and have school matches on weekends.

Culture clubs include brass band club, music club, dance club, tea ceremony club, science club, PC club and newspaper club. The brass band club and dance club perform what they have practiced earnestly in competitions and recitals. Some students join the tea ceremony club to learn about Japanese culture. Students can gain precious experiences.

Extracurricular activities ( Baseball, Football, Brass band, Tea ceremony )

The exams consist of written tests of math and English and an oral test. School staff members visit your countries and hold examinations in fall every year.

To Apply for Entrance Examination

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