International Student

Dormitory Life

OISCA High School has dormitories on the school property. We have a school cafeteria. The cafeteria offers three meals a day. Teachers are always situated in the dormitories and take care of the students in case of illnesses and injuries. ( There is a general hospital near the school. ) As the dormitories for boys and for girls are within the grounds that the school is standing on. They are safe and there is nothing to worry about.

In the dormitory, a few senior students and junior students live in same big rooms. The seniors help the juniors in the dormitory in many aspects when they don’t understand Japanese. The students develop consideration, cooperativeness and self-reliance through the dormitory life.

The exams consist of written tests of math and English and an oral test. School staff members visit your countries and hold examinations in fall every year.

To Apply for Entrance Examination

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